Dear Church, We Are the Hurting

Dear Church, We Are The Hurting

"Years ago when my marriage fell apart most of my church abandoned me. I think I didn’t fit in the box anymore – my life was messy – and messy is uncomfortable. So I ended up finding myself really really alone." I read that in an article the other day and my heart sunk because first, I've been there and second, the reality is, many people are there right now. I love that she wrote this because it addresses something that is happening all … [Read more...]

Bury the Shame, Sunday is Coming

Bury the Shame

I feel like shame is a bigger problem than most people realize. Shame is traditionally defined as, "a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior." Many of you are carrying around shame right now, shame over something you did or thought or something someone else did to you. Shame will wreck your whole life. It is like a cancer, it starts small but, it will take root. The root of shame is … [Read more...]

Dear Church: It’s Time to Stop Enabling Abusive Men

Dear Church: It's Time to Stop Enabling Abusive Men

Friends, I want you to read this article. I want you to read it more than once. This is a controversial topic most will not even dare to speak of but bravely, this man did. Dear Church: It's Time to Stop Enabling Abusive Men I have a thousand thoughts, I have a thousand "Amen's!" I read this and cried, I read it again and shouted. This is one of those conversation starters, a conversation that needs to be happening in our church today. … [Read more...]

Being Brave Enough to Apologize

Being Brave Enough to Apologize

A few days ago, I wrote an article titled How to Forgive Someone Who Ripped Your Life Apart. That article was written for the purpose of dealing with the topic of forgiveness on a new level, a real level involving hard topics and pain. Then, it hit me. It is possible some of you who read that article were actually the ones to inflict the pain and you long for forgiveness. So, let's talk about that. This is is not an article about … [Read more...]

The Perfect Combination of Princess and Warrior

The Perfect Combination of Princess and Warrior

I wanted to take a little time today to explain the "warrior" mentality because I believe it easy to misunderstand so, I want to make sure we're all on the same page. Also, I believe we are all warriors and it is important for you to understand why. Let me start by saying this, the definition of a warrior is " a brave or experienced soldier or fighter." Seeking after God has always been a priority in my life since I became a Christian at age … [Read more...]

How to Forgive Someone Who Ripped Your Life Apart

How to Forgive Someone Who Ripped Your Life Apart

"For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." Matthew 6:14-15 NIV That's intense. I turned 32 and real life hit me like a mad truck straight up in the face. All of the sudden I experienced pain I had never experienced before which managed to snowball into a pile of pain and loss. For some of you, you have been … [Read more...]

How to Bounce Back When You’ve Been Knocked Down

How to Bounce Back When You've Been Knocked Down

Many of you have read my story and you know, I have been knocked down. Way down. In fact, I think it's safe to say, I was knocked down several times in a row. Several of you have been in that place and I'm sure, several of you are in that place right now. Isn't it amazing how fast life can change? I always had a pretty idealistic point of view, I was moving forward in what I felt to be God's will for my life and up until age 32, I had not … [Read more...]

I am a Woman and I am a Warrior

I Am A Warrior

Shirt from Ella Reu Designs For years womanhood and weakness have gone hand in hand. Innocent smiles, quiet demeanor, never having a strong opinion, all of these things flow together with this image of this so-called "perfect woman" that seemed to be always taking care of everyone else yet completely unable to take care of herself. I was shocked when I went through my divorce, I could not believe the strength I had when I had no choice but to … [Read more...]

Becoming a Survivor: Overcoming Stalking, Harassment and Online Bullying

Becoming a Survivor: Overcoming Stalking, Harassment and Online Bullying

Read the whole article on It began as text messages mainly to my boyfriend, veiled threats demanding money from him or my reputation, as a public figure, would be destroyed. “It can either haunt her forever or not. You haven’t seen anything yet. Hell hath no fury.” Then, I started seeing flashes of light when I would walk to my car and soon realized those lights were camera flashes. At one point, she jumped out from behind a … [Read more...]

What is Love? A Reflection on God’s Definition of Love

What is Love? I Don't Think It's What I Thought

I am sitting at a beautiful wooden table in the dining room of a friend’s cottage, secluded in the trees, hidden by endless leaves, winding roads and silence. I can see the sun through the clear glass windows reflecting off the lake down the road and shining through the winter trees as it sets. I have gone to write, to take time to breath or better said, to catch my breath amongst the busyness of this life. As I sit here praying through the … [Read more...]