Make Your Own Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

Fall is in the air or at least in theory, here in Oklahoma it's still 80 degrees but, whatever. Anyway, we can still do fall-like things and almost all of my fall craft projects involve glitter. This is the world's easiest craft project but it's also packed full of fun because well, you know, there's glitter involved. I have added a video of the project to the bottom of this post as well, I had a blast shooting this one for GEB … [Read more...]

Decorating on a Budget with Plaster Paint

The Plaster Paint Company on GEB America

I've talked about the Plaster Paint Company before and let me just be honest with you, I LOVE Plaster Paint. When I started filming with GEB America, I was given the chance to do a set makeover and I instantly knew to call Plaster Paint Company. They transformed our set and it looks beautiful. (Excuse me in the picture below, I was reading my script...but the paint looks great)! Honestly, it's an easy process. I used to distress furniture … [Read more...]

Homemade Body Scrub

Homemade Body Scrub

Years ago, one of my volunteers on shared this recipe with us. I love it. I have literally made it for years and given it multiple times as gifts. You can change up the scents by using different body wash or essential oils. I like to use a relatively scent-free body wash then add lemon essential oil which just smells delicious. Ingredients: Sugar Olive Oil Body Wash Directions: I gave no measurements because it … [Read more...]

The Journey of the DIY Table…

The Journey of the DIY Table

Well, here's the thing. I had an idea for a cute table and I found a cheap one on craigslist, it looked like this: Pretty common looking table that would look fabulous with some good paint and distressing...or so I thought. This table has been through 4 makeovers...FOUR. Why? Well, first, I painted the table then when I went to distress it, literally almost all of the paint started crumbling off. No good. The second time around, I … [Read more...]

In the Land of the Funktified

Dresser Redo via

Want a peek into my garage of current projects? Right now, I'm releasing all my stress on my own furniture and honestly, it seems to be working out. Here's a few of my current projects. The picture above is an old trashy dresser that I found at a garage sale. I experimented on it a bit and decided to go for a very messy distressed look. It seemed to have worked well, I sealed it which gave it a bit more of a shine instead of the matte look which … [Read more...]

What Paint Am I Using?

Blue Funktified Side Table via

Recently, simply as a way to reduce stress, I took up the hobby of revamping (or funktifying) furniture. I have explained my methods in previous posts and honestly, it's pretty hard work. A few days ago, I was strolling through downtown Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and stumbled upon Ava's AnTweaks.  Not only was the store full of amazing, refinished furniture but it also sold plaster paint from The Plaster Paint Company.   After an amazing … [Read more...]

How to Funktify an Old Chair

Old Chair Redo on

It's time for a makeover around here! Just about everything is getting a new look and this chair was first on the list. It actually is really cool and came from my great aunt. My mom brought it to me a couple of weeks ago with the idea that we would distress it and give it a new look. I'm kinda on this whole distressing kick thanks to Pinterest and my incredibly creative family members so I thought this chair would make a great first … [Read more...]

How to Distress Furniture

Distressing Furniture 101 #DIY @SarahPeaceLove

Are you ready to funktify your house? Personally, I LOVE funky, distressed furniture. I recently picked up two dressers and after reading Rusted Treasure's Distressing 101, I'm ready to go! It's so easy to pick up cheap furniture and turn it into a Pinterest masterpiece. Check out her tutorial and get ready to make your friends jealous! … [Read more...]

A Simple Corner of Happy

Funktified from

I love this corner of my dining room. It's simple and it's pretty. I picked up that picture at a beautiful store in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. My mom made those corner shelves out of old closet doors just for me. I'll be showing off some of her creations soon on the site. And, my favorite is that rolling cart. I spotted it at My Papa's Barn in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma not too long ago. I'll admit, it's been on my front porch, in the living room and … [Read more...]