Becoming Fearless


I’ve been pretty open about my struggle with fear on this blog. I’ve dealt with it most of my life in fact, I will say I missed a lot of opportunities because of it, I even sacrificed a few dreams to fear.

Fear can be easily manipulated, I had more than my fair share of people use my fears to keep me in bondage or to keep me grounded in whatever plan they had for me. Fear can easily be a tool of abuse.

Life hit me straight up in the face in 2012-2013. I’m going to say those two years were hands down the most painful years of my life, they stopped me in my tracks. I went through a divorce, I lost my business, endured sickness and was brutally stalked and lied about.

I had a choice to make, I could wave the white flag and give up or, I could stand my ground. I’ll admit, it’s easier to wave the white flag so if you plan on standing your ground, be prepared.

I stood my ground even when my knees shook. I fought hard and through that time, something inside of me changed. I realized, the more I faced my fears, the smaller they became and the more I fought, the more I realized I was not fighting alone.

“Fear not, for I am with you..” Isaiah 41:10

Overcoming fear looks great on a Pinterest quote but I’ll freely admit, it is no easy thing and to be even more honest, people won’t know what to do with your new found strength either. Being a strong woman of God does not fit into their box especially their “Christian” box.

The thing is, the people who will have the most problem with your fearlessness will always be those who manipulated and abused the fear in the first place or flat out caused it. If you have been a victim of a crime or life circumstance of some sort, hear me on this one, don’t let them keep you in fear.

Fear is really the only weapon they have and once you become fearless, they become weak.

It took a long time for me to learn that, I had to break through fear. I had to stand boldly and look at my reputation, my business, my life and I had to say, “I am not afraid.”

Even when I felt afraid, I had to face my fears.

Even when I didn’t want to, I had to face my fears.

Even though I cried, I had to face my fears.

Then, the hold broke. It was done.

A breeze blew in through my life like someone had opened a window and set me free and it was gone. As I go through life now, fear has taken a backseat. It took endurance, it was more than just shouting out one scripture. It was consistent, it was day in and day out even when I didn’t want to. It was being brave enough to endure the legal system, to watch friends fall away and money disappear.

It was being brave enough to know what the devil devoured, God will restore.

Now, several years later, I’m finally able to talk about it. Sharing my story of struggle and the amazing power of God that got me through heals the pain too. I don’t have hate or bitterness, I am proud of what I became during my time in the desert and now, finally, I can see a glimpse of the Promised Land.

Let me encourage you today, if you are gripped by fear due to a person or a circumstance or whatever, face it head on. In the words of Joyce Meyer, “Do it afraid.” Don’t worry about what someone will say, think or do, you do what is right, stand up, be bold and be brave. You are not alone.

Be set free today and live to tell about it.

Becoming Fearless

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